Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monica's OCEAN results

The results from my personality test were as follows:
Openness to Experience/Intellect (53 percentile)
This test says I typically don’t seek out new experiences. Although I often like to stick with things I am familiar with; I disagree. I am always looking into trying new things and enjoy new tasks. I am very curious about many things, and like to be creative.
Conscientiousness (74 percentile)
This test says I am well-organized, and that I am reliable. I agree and think that I am well-organized and very self-disciplined. I enjoy creating filing systems and believe everything has a home. Also, I believe I am reliable. I know my responsibilities and try my best to meet all of them in a timely fashion.
Extraversion (37 percentile)
This test says I tend to shy away from social situations. I agree and disagree. Generally I am pretty reserved and quiet in new social settings, but become more talkative and sociable as my level of comfort rises.
Agreeableness (74 percentile)
This test says I tend to consider the feelings of others; I agree. I think I am a very forgiving person and am quite sympathetic. Additionally, I try to avoid confrontation and usually agree with others (even though I may not), to evade being rude or critical.
Neuroticism (71 percentile)
This test says I tend to become anxious or nervous; I agree. I try to stay calm and relaxed as much as possible but I get nervous very easily and am anxious about many things. I have a habit of over-thinking, I worry a lot, and I tend to be insecure.